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Start Your own Framing Service

Ideal for: Individuals wanting a small but profitable business and for small buisnesses wanting to add a picture framing service to thier current offering.


Stock - No need to hold stock – we make the frames on your behalf.

Samples – We recommend having physical samples to show your customers and samples are provided free by us – we provide moulding chevrons and mount board samples to show your customers. Choose from a large and up-to-date range, choose as many or as few as you wish. We can supply a suggested starter range to get you going.

Training - One days training (at your location) and continuing email support are provided.

Equipment - Minimal, just simple tools are required. We can provide everything you need.

Pricing SoftwareFree. We supply you with pricing software to you free of charge. Our app runs on iOS/Android/PC/MAC and is easy to use. The app allows you to generate accurate and customisable pricing and place orders for your customer’s frames – and it’s mobile.

AdviceJust an email away. We are experienced framers who own and run a profitable bespoke and on-line picture framing business.

Space I hear you say “I don’t have a workshop”. We say “you don’t need one”.  There are many successful framers who started framing, part time, on the kitchen table. As you are not making frames, just doing the final fitting of artwork, the space required is minimal.

How do I make money?We sell you frames at approx. 50% of bespoke prices (i.e. trade price). You sell them at full price. The difference between the two is your profit.

What is the Cost – There is a one off initial fee of £350 and service charge of £30 billed monthly. Thereafter you just pay for the frames you need when you order them.

Interested?  Call Alan (owner of Ashcraft Framing) on 01427 787318 or 077934 95037

alternatively email us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it