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Ashcraft Easy-Frames - Self-Assembly Picture Framing

The Ashcraft Easy-Frame; a range of self-assembly picture frame kits aimed at artists, creative people and DIY'ers who wish to avoid the cost of bespoke framing but benefit from a choice of quality moulding styles and finishes.

The frame kits are made from quality mouldings cut and mitred in our workshop. Each corner has been routed using a dovetail joining system allowing you to assemble the frame at home with a minimum of tools and no specialist knowledge, avoiding the need for expensive bespoke framing.

In addition to finished moulding we have several plain wood mouldings available for you to finish to your own tastes and requirements. Plain wood mouldings may be stained, painted, waxed or left as is.

Each self-assembly kit comprises a pair of frame lengths forming two sides of a frame. You need to order two pairs to form a frame. For example, if you need a frame 22 inches by 18 inches order a 22 inch pair and a 18 inch pair of frame lengths.

Each frame order comes with dovetail wedges to join each corner and the fittings to secure your art. For the strongest joints, glue is recommended but not necessary.


kit2   kit1 kit-corner 



 Inserting Dovetail Wedges

Kit Contents
(contents may vary)

An example of a completed frame.
Assembled and painted by
the artist Ann Stoker