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How to measure your canvas or board

All too often canvases, and sometimes boards which have been hand cut are not as square as they should be. Put it in a frame and things don't fit right.

When measuring a canvas there are 5 measurements to take note of; width, height, the two diagonals and the depth (thickness).

The width and height will tell you the size of the frame to order, don't forget to allow for any impasto paint that might be around the edges.

Diagonals A and B (see picture below) will tell you if your canvas or board is square. They must be the same, if not your canvas is not square and sould be adjusted prior to framing.

The depth of the canvas determines the depth of the frame you need, typical depths are 1.5cm, 2cm, 3cm and 4cm (20, 30 and 40mm).

measuring a canvas